Find data by place name or postcode, offers a variety of ways to find data. This guide describes how to find an individual dataset by searching or browsing by area or postcode.  Other guides are available for working with data in a dataset, once you’ve found one you’re interested in. For an overview of what you can do on the site head to the Getting Started guide.

Search by place name

On the homepage, click on the Find Places tab above the Search box and enter the place name in the Search box.

This will take you to a results page.

The results on the right are all areas in the selected area type whose name (partially) matches 'Stirling'. Click on the blue text result on the right to get to the [Atlas](link to guide) page for Stirling. On this page you can view

  • A static map of where in Scotland Stirling is
  • Key Facts: An area profile (key facts) about Stirling
  • Datasets: A list of datasets which contain data about Stirling
  • Locations: A list of areas it lies within, which link off to their own pages, and an interactive map of Stirling

To get to the datasets which contain information about the area, go to the Datasets section on the results page. Find dataset categories on the left, with alphabetically ordered datasets on the right. Read about how to get to a table view of the data.

Find data by postcode

If you know the postcode you’re looking for then select the ‘Find places’ tab above the search box on the homepage and enter it in there. You can also get to the search box from any page on the site by selecting ‘Search’ in the top toolbar.

This takes you to search results.

Select the blue text result that you want to view (there’s just one result here because I entered a specific postcode). Click on this to go to the Atlas page for your chosen result. More on understanding Atlas here.

On a postcode page, you get a static view of where in Scotland your selected postcode is, alongside a list of all the areas it sits within (e.g. the Council Area which the postcode is in). To get to any of the areas that postcode sits in, click on the blue text to the left of the static map.

To get to data about a postcode, select one of the larger areas it sits in (I click on the 2011 Data Zone Mount Florida - 03). (Note: the website does not hold any data at postcode level. The smallest geographic area you can get data at is data zone level. More information about Scottish geographies is available here). On the page for a data zone I get

  • a list of geographies within that area and how they relate to smaller areas.
  • an area profile for the area selected
  • a list of datasets which contain data for the area selected.


Find Data by Place Name
  • Go to Search Tab or the homepage. Click on Find Places tab.
  • Enter place name in the search box.
  • Select result from list
  • In the Atlas page, go to Dataset list. Categories of datasets are on the left and a list of related alphabetically ordered datasets are on the right. Select the one you want.
Find Data by Postcode
  • Go to Search Tab or the homepage. Click on the Find Places tab above the search box.
  • Enter the postcode in the search box.
  • Select result from list.
  • In the Atlas page a list of areas that postcode sits in are to the left of the static map at the top. Select one of these (council area is a good option) to find related data for that area.

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