Deprecation policy for obsolete datasets

We aim to ensure that our datasets are hosted permanently on our website. In exceptional circumstances datasets may become obsolete, such as if they are replaced by new data sources. In these cases, we will mark the dataset as “obsolete” in our system. 

For a period of one year, the dataset will still appear in our lists of published data. You can visit the dataset, and examine the metadata. However, filtering and download options will be suspended. Obsolete datasets will not appear in search results.

We want people to make use of API access to our data, and so we are keen to ensure that datasets becoming obsolete don’t break any apps or automated processes. Therefore, API access of obsolete datasets will be maintained for one year, before the dataset is finally deleted from our system. To ensure that any API access to our data does not break unexpectedly, you should ensure that you review all data sources used at least once per year.